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Thu Oct 13 17:40:39 PDT 2005

Today six of us walked Nisqually under cool, overcast skies. The sun peaked  
out a bit, but not much. At least it didn't rain. What we had was nothing like 
 what Colin had at Cornell last recently.
There were scads of first year YELLOW-RUMPED WARBLERS and RED-WINGED  
BLACKBIRDS around, but things were pretty slow.
Best bird of the day was a GREEN HERON at the end of the ring dike near the  
soon to be locked gate. Other highlights included a MOURNING DOVE out on the  
banks of McAllister Creek and several small flocks of RUBY CROWNED and GOLDEN  
CROWNED KINGLETS (there back). Included in these small flocks were BROWN  
The Nisqually River is cafe au lait brown from silt being released from  
Alder Dam, so all the BELTED KINGFISHERS you would see there are at the pond  
behind the visitor center or at McAllister Creek.
Waterfowl are starting to show up, but water levels are still really low on  
the refuge. Raptor numbers were also down this week. Sparrows are starting to  
show up in better numbers and should increase as the weeks go on.
All told today we saw 40 species with nothing new for the year. Mammals  seen 
today were a single RACCOON across the pond behind the visitor center  and a 
HARBOR SEAL in the Nisqually River.
Until next week....  

Phil  Kelley
Lacey, WA
scrubjay323 at aol.com

"We were few  and they were many. Now we are many and they are  few."

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