[Tweeters] Greater White-fronted Goose at Medina Park

Hal Opperman hal at catharus.net
Mon Oct 24 08:12:23 PDT 2005


JoLynn Edwards found a Greater White-fronted Goose in Medina Park this
morning at first feeble light, right on time if one can judge from the
recent spate of reports on this list from other western Washington
locations. Little Medina Park is not on the usual itinerary for this
species, though. I have seen it there only once before in 30 years of
visits. On that occasion an immature bird showed up in fall and spent the
winter, associating with the resident Mallards and other seasonal waterfowl
species and allowing us to watch it acquire its full alternate plumage
before departing in late April or early May. It actually became quite tame
and joined the itinerant Mallards on bird-feeder raids around the
neighborhood, including our backyard and deck.

Medina Park is southeast of the corner of NE 12th Street and 84th Avenue NE,
across from St. Thomas Episcopal Church and the south end of the Overlake
Golf and Country Club. This is about a mile south of the 84th Avenue NE
interchange from SR-520 -- the first exit on the east side of Lake
Washington after crossing the Evergreen Point bridge.

This is the park with the budding Great Blue Heron colony many of you may
have visited; Kathy Andrich tracked its progress for Tweeters over the last
two seasons. Bullock's Orioles also nest in the park (they headed south two
months ago) and Green Herons are now there year round (I saw one yesterday).
On a walk two weeks ago I saw a Pileated Woodpecker fly from the park to
some trees at the edge of the golf course. Nesting habitat for this species
is barely marginal in Medina and its bordering communities. We do not see it
every year.

Hal Opperman
Medina, Washington
hal at catharus.net

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