[Tweeters] a question for kayakers

Kara Whittaker kara.whittaker at gmail.com
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If you wear a bib-overall spray skirt while paddling, it's quite convenient
to tuck binoculars in between the skirt and pfd. Our skirts also have an
elastic drawstring that can be tightened if it gets rainy. The brand is
Snapdragon. We offer kayak tours around Alki in West Seattle and had an
exciting sighting of a Peregrine hunting gulls on the Duwamish River last
weekend (it was unsuccessful, but we wondered how it would carry a larger
bird away?!). Check out www.kayakalki.com <http://www.kayakalki.com> for
more information on our tours.
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Only 18 months after starting constuction, my wife and I put our new
kayaks in the waer for the first time yesterday. Nothing of note to
report, birdwise; but my question is, what do you do with your
binoculars while you kayak? I tried putting mine in my raincoat, but
they got so fogged that they weren't any use. Keeping them outside
the coat meant they got saltwater splashed. Suggestons?
Rob Saecker
rsaecker at thurston.com

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