[Tweeters] tulalip bay-masses of dunlins-

michael bacon baconmf at verizonmail.com
Tue Oct 25 07:39:52 PDT 2005

hi tweeters-yesterday-there was a very high morning water level-at first lite(7:30+_!)-the new arrivals of masses of dunlins were apparent from our house out on the spit- i rushed out to get a closer view- there were 1000s sitting on the spit noisily chirp ing away-then they all started frenetically flying from the addrenalin rush that got them here!the 3-4 mixed flocks continued this for an hour as i sat there watching this mini- spectacle. there are still ?150-+bbplovers, afew western s/p-looking quite greyish, a few sanderlings, 1 s/b dowitcher +1 marbled godwit-not to be out done were2 bonaparte gulls, 2 crows+a california gull -the bay is filling w/ the winter birds as well:afew immature common loons, western,horned+ rednecked grebes, female common mergansers,buffleheads,barrow goldeneyes,surf scoters,canada geese,mallards +wigeons.there are several bald eagles around to hound them.-
good birding + cheers,maxine reid
tulalip bay,marysville,wa
baconmf at verizonmail.com

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