[Tweeters] Gas Prices and Birding Trips

MaryK CelloBird at seanet.com
Mon Oct 24 20:23:17 PDT 2005

So, I'm wondering, how many of us in Tweeterland have curtailed our birding
trips due to the high price of gas??  Have you been carpooling more on
birding trips?  Has the price of gas affected your birding at all?

Reason I ask, I answered some on-line poll sponsored by the local newspaper,
chatted with a reporter briefly re how high gas costs have affected how much
I drive, and wondered how other folks are doing.  I've actually decided to
stay home a couple times because it was too far from payday for a spendy

Mary Klein
Bremerton WA
CelloBird at seanet.com

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