[Tweeters] RBA: Inland PALO and RNGR

Carl Haynie cbh at pluggablelogic.com
Tue Oct 25 14:19:26 PDT 2005

Hello Tweets,

Long time, no post for me! I birded Lake Sammamish State Park for the first time in
a long while yesterday.

Off of the sandy spit was one PACIFIC LOON and one juv. RED-NECKED GREBE. In
addition, there was one Dunlin on the spit with 4 Killdeer. The pacific loon was
hanging with one COMMON LOON, uncommon for the park in its own right. Beautiful
looks and comparisons were had. The PALO is a first record for the park as far as I

"...basic plumage: very-hard-to-see dusky chin strap except when within 100 feet with
10x40's under partly cloudy skies. Dark straight lines down sides of neck sharply
demarcating white throat and paler nape. Seen side by side with larger, bulkier
basic-plumaged Common Loon. Common had broken line pattern down side of neck with
semblance of the breeding plumage 'cleft' marking. Pacific had no such indentations.
Bill was smaller. Upper and lower mandibles sloping evenly to tip. Bill held
parallel to water. Back had whitish speckling but otherwise was darker than nape..."

Carl Haynie
Sammamish, WA

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