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We also have flickers coming in groups of three or more and have had the same in the past this time of the year. We saw two females do a dance for a male on one occasion. Be alert for this. We have a movie of this taken through a window so it is not the best quality and you can't hear the sound they were making. It was different then any sound we have heard from them. That was what alerted us and why we looked.

It can be viewed at http://home.comcast.net/~bnbbirds05/Flicker_Dance.wmv

MaryFrances, was the yellow shafted a true yellow shafted or an intergade? We have seen three male intergrades in the last couple of weeks. One has head markings of a red-shafted with two small red marks on the nape where the ends of the crescent would be on a yellow-shafted. The second is the same with almost a full crescent on the nape. The third has head markings of a red-shafted with two small marks on the nape. It has yellow shafts.

We have never seen a true yellow-shafted that we are aware of. We saw our first intergrade last year. That was when we first learned of their existence from the bird count reports and began actively looking for them and yellow-shafted.

Robert Meyer
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Hello, tweets.

I have flickers coming to my suet feeders regularly, but I've noticed that they often come en masse. Just now four flickers (3 males and a female) swooped into the yard virtually as a group, and that seems much more often to be the case (but not always 4) than coming as individuals. They are somewhat aggressive to one another, but not that much. I suppose it's quite possible they are a family group, but I didn't realize they stayed in association this late in the fall. Has anyone else seen this phenomenon?

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