[Tweeters] White-thoated Sparrow @ Juanita Bay Park and Thayer's Gulls in Tukwila

Stefan Schlick greenfant at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 28 13:09:23 PDT 2005

At about 10am this morning, I saw a (the?) tan-striped White-throated 
Sparrow at Juanita Bay Park. The exact spot was on the east side of the Old 
Slough Bridge near the 7th bench counting from the south end (9 from the 
north). Other highlights were a Merlin perched up on a Weeping Willow near 
the parking lot and 23 Wilson's Snipe lined up at the muddy beach at the 
north end of the park.

Yesterday, I stopped by the Thayer's Gull spot in Tukwila that Matt Bartels 
described in an earlier post (this time I did not forget the directions 
...). I was not disappointed as there were many Thayer's and Herring Gull 
bathing in the Duwamish River. Again, here are Matt's directions to the 

Coming south on I-5, take exit 156 ["Tukwila Interurban Ave"]. Turn right at 
the light onto Interurban Ave [northbound]. In about 2/10 of a mile, turn 
right onto Gateway Rd. Follow this road about 1/10 of a mile, then park in 
one of the non-reserved parking spots around a building prominently marked 
13075. Walk to the Duwamish River, just beyond the buildings. The gulls 
bathe along the river here. They mostly roost on the metal rooftop of the 
Yellow Transport company sheds just south of here. It is possible to walk 
the paved trail along this area to get closer views of the rooftop gulls if 
none are immediately present on the river.

Stefan Schlick
Bellevue, WA

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