[Tweeters] White Pass birding

Gary Wiles wilesharkey at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 6 21:47:12 PDT 2005

Hi Tweeters,

I spent the weekend (Sept. 3-5) backpacking along the Pacific Crest Trail
and adjacent trails north of White Pass in the William O. Douglas
Wilderness and did some birding along the way.  The trail in this area
crosses in and out of Yakima and Lewis Counties and ranges between 4200
and 5100 feet elevation.  I saw or heard 28 species for the trip,
including the following:

Yellow-rumped Warbler  -  easily the most common bird of the trip, with at
    least 200 seen.  Most occurred in flocks of 20 to 50 birds that
    foraged voraciously.  Migration is definitely underway.
Great Blue Heron -  1 at Dumbbell Lake at 5,100 feet
Barrow’s Goldeneye -  1
Ring-necked Duck -  about 10 at Leech Lake, including 4 medium-sized and 
    still downy chicks
Osprey -  1 at Dog Lake
accipiter sp. -  1
Clark’s Nutcracker -  5 heard
Mountain Chickadee -  3
Brown Creeper -  3
Winter Wren -  1
Orange-crowned Warbler -  3
Townsend’s Warbler -  3

Gary Wiles
Olympia, WA
wilesharkey at yahoo.com

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