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I've actually been thinking about planting some more blackberries in my back
yard as a sort of "natural fence."  Many people have told me I'm crazy, they
take off like crazy, you'll never get rid of them, etc. etc. etc.  But the
birds like them, so what the hey.
How do you plant blackberries, anyway??  I'm a reluctant gardener/landscaper
at best, so any suggestions appreciated.
Mary Klein
Bremerton WA
CelloBird at seanet.com


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Greetings All
I am surprised that a yard full of blackberries sees little wildlife use. My
first Washington Rose-breasted Grosbeak was eating blackberries in my yard.
I've seen House Finch bills stained deep purple from eating them, and
recently, I scared some Mule Deer off (because those particular berries were
intended for a pie for me).
I've seen Fox Sparrows actively eating blackberries as well other sparrows.
Recently, I watched dozens of wasps actively feeding, head deep, in old
blackberries that had started to rot (don't know if the wasps were native or
not). And I can't say that I spend any significant time really watching
what's feeding on the blackberries vs just being among them. 
Plus, even from a cover perspective, blackberries are one of the few plants
that seem to repel the neighborhood cats (but we won't go onto that subject)
-- but the importance of dense cover as well as food is not to be
Steven Mlodinow

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