[Tweeters] Re: Fall woodpeckers?

Ryan Shaw rtshaw80 at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 9 17:45:53 PDT 2005

Well, this is true with most birds, With it being fall, breeding season is
over and all the young have fledged therfore increasing the population of
woodpeckers significantly.

Ryan Shaw


>Subject: Fall woodpeckers? From: "Rob Sandelin" <floriferous AT msn.com>

>Date: Fri, 9 Sep 2005 14:16:47 -0700

>I seem to notice an increase in my sitings of woodpeckers starting in early

>fall. Most of what I see are what I consider resident woodpeckers, eg,

>pileated, downy, hairy and the red-breasted sapsucker. I just seem to see

>them more. Curious about this, anybody have a notion why there seems to be

>more woodpeckers out and about in early fall?


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