[Tweeters] Mt Spokane

Terry Little terry at crossoverchurch.info
Sat Sep 10 10:39:10 PDT 2005

On 9/9 - began the day early on the top of Mt. Spokane. Many of the large
mixed migrating passerine flocks from last week were noticeably absent. Did
however notice a nice Accipiter movement consisting of about 20 birds
including one Goshawk. Also fun was a mixed flock of Nutcrackers, Gray Jays,
and Steller's Jays. Mammals included a Moose, a Black Bear, a coyote and
bobcat. A few American Pipits near the top.

Sprague Lake: few common passerine migrants plus 2 adult and 1 immature
Sabine's Gull and a Merlin. No Common Terns, Franklin's or Bonaparte Gulls).
A Sanderling was along the rocky shore where south end of the lake comes
closest to Danekas Road (near the Osprey nest). A few shorebirds (peeps and
dowitchers) on the North end of the lake at the resort.

At Sheep Lake just south of Sprague: 3 winter plumaged American Avocets and
1 Black bellied Plover.


Terry Little

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