[Tweeters] Window trauma

KScarbrough kscarbrough at verizon.net
Fri Sep 16 08:14:28 PDT 2005

Yesterday a loud thump was heard at my office. Despite decals and hanging stain glass a bird had hit the window. I went outside and found a small beautiful bird, a female COMMON YELLOWTHROAT, head back, beak open, flailing on the ground. I picked her up, put her in a small box, and closed the lid for about five minutes. I opened it up, afraid she was dead, but rather she just stared at me for a few minutes until I moved the box over by a small tree...she looked at me again then flew away.

I saw the WHITE-CROWNED SPARROW earlier this week. I know they, for some reason, enjoy parking lots and light poles, but I was surprised she'd be flying through a suburban business area. Thank goodness she survived, so few do.

Kerri W. Scarbrough
Woodinville, WA

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