[Tweeters] Re: Murderous behavior

Michael Hobbs birdmarymoor at verizon.net
Sat Sep 17 19:09:04 PDT 2005

Tweets - A couple of weeks ago, as I arrived by ferry in Seattle, I watched 
a Glaucous-winged Gull apparently trying to kill another.  They were on one 
of the buffers that the ferries bump against.

What caught my eye at first was uncoordinated flapping.  It took a second 
for the ferry to advance far enough to see two adult GWGUs in a battle. 
They were locked beak to beak, and one clearly had the advantage.  There was 
much shoving, and a couple of seconds later, the one with the advantage had 
pushed until they both fell into the water.

The fall broke the grip, but the one that had the advantage regained it 
instantly in the water.  This time, it grabbed the head of the other gull, 
squeezing hard, and thrust it under water.  It clearly appeared to be 
attempting to drown it.  After maybe 10 or 15 seconds, the victim managed to 
break free.

I thought it odd that the victim merely left.  The agressor did not give 
chase.  Nor did it fly back to some cache of food, or anything else.  It 
simply unruffled its feathers and hopped back onto the buffer.

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== Kirkland, WA
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