[Tweeters] Tonite at Tracyton Boat Launch

MaryK CelloBird at seanet.com
Sat Sep 17 23:11:24 PDT 2005

Looks like checking out the Tracyton Boat Launch birds is going to become a
weekly thing...

No increase in species yet, just their numbers. We're up to about 15 COMMON
LOONS from last week's 6. The number of RED-NECKED GREBES is constant at 4
or so. PIGEON GUILLEMOT numbers are increasing, whereas there are fewer

For a while I had 4 COLO in my scope, and it was interesting to see at which
point each was in terms of molting to basic plumage. Two of the birds still
looked pretty alternate-y, one's face was starting to look like an elderly
black lab, and the other's black and neck patterns were starting to blur
quite a bit, and its face was well on its way to total gray/white. I'm
looking forward to seeing them from week to week and really scrutinizing how
the molt thing is coming along.

No ducks tonite, although I could've sworn I heard an AMERICAN WIGEON.
There were BELTED KINGFISHERS in the area, as well as AMERICAN CROWS and a
NORTHERN FLICKER, pretty much standard for this part of Western WA.

Good birding,

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