[Tweeters] Ridgefield NWR Today

John W. Williams, DVM jwwdvm at comcast.net
Sun Sep 18 20:38:29 PDT 2005

With hopes of finding the Buff-breasted Sandpiper, I birded the River S Unit
of the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge this morning.  I was unable to
find the bird, and there were no new sightings of it posted at the entrance.

There were pretty good numbers of ducks, some beginning to leave eclipse
plumage.  Lots of swallows and some swifts were over the ponds, especially
Barn.  Cedar Waxwings were seemingly everywhere.  There were quite a few
Great Egrets mixed in with the herons on Rest Lake, and while scoping for
the sandpiper an American Bittern made an appearance.

I do have several ID questions for those who are willing to help.  First,
while trying to digiscope the Waxwings, I saw and snapped a photo of a
spizella sparrow.  After snapping the photo, I grabbed my binocs only to see
the bird dive down out of sight.  My impression was a Brewer's, but I saw it
so briefly I would appreciate input.  It's an ugly photo, but you can see it
here (~222k):


In addition, the first three photos in the New section of my gallery are
from Ridgefield today.  The first photo is of a duck that I was calling a
Green-winged Teal, but it was tucked into the vegetation and I wasn't sure.
In addition, I took a photo of a frog and I have no clue as to what species
it might be.  If anyone has any thoughts on these two, I would appreciate
it.  The link is here (click on the thumbnails once to enlarge, and again to
enlarge even more):



John Williams
Battle Ground, WA, USA

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