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Hello Tweeters,

I been making a study here in Tacoma in University place call Homestead park.This pond will give away to the new design town offices.
I never know about this pond ,and was so surprised how much  wildlife existed.I started three month ago and have to date 17 species of Dragonflies both male and females.
I was falling in love with the little Tree frogs which  emerging all in different phases in the hundreds.The BEST find was the Lyre-tipped Spreadwing what is rare on the Westside to find.The first sighting and the only one was from 1947  and 1948 from the Dupond area.So this one would be a good record for Pierce County.Hopeful the input on my study could safe this pond ,since it is in a area located where changes maybe Dave being made.

Yesterday I retreated again for an hour in quietly sitting at the pond,the water holding good for some reason and really there was not much going on than seeing the little frogs moving from the hillside toward the pond.But I was thinking seeing two Paddle -tailed Darner cruising the edges pond ,how I ever getting a chance to photographing the Darners,since there always flying.But what a surprise and a reward ,seeing a Blue eyed Darner one of the most colorful of all 
Darners flying close where I was sitting and landing in a bush close by.My camera are always ready but the fear to get to close is always on you mind.The Darner star preening his face steady so I got the chance to get many photos and most all turning out excellent.I hope you enjoying the photos as much than I do since this is only my second time where I photographed a Darner.When I photographed a Dragonfly what I had no idea what it was.This giant insect was hovering and I took 6 photos .This was in August  1997,the beginning  me falling in love with this creatures.I think the big eyes got me when I looked to my binocular how big there where.I found out later from Dennis Paulson that this was a Paddle-tailed Darner what ended up on the cover of " Dragonflies Of North America" a scientific study book of Dragonflies.I hope tat you enjoying this photos especial that I found this here in Tacoma ,fife minutes where I live. My recent dragonfly photos can be accessed at the following link:  http://www.pbase.com/godwit/recent_dragonfly_photos/


 Ruth Sullivan
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