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Fri Sep 23 17:13:54 PDT 2005

Hi Tweets,

Thursday, September 22, Barbara and I visited Point No-Point and Foulweather Bluff in north Kitsap County. The weather was sunny, and very clear with temps approaching 60 at midday. We got a late start, took the 8:45 ferry to Bainbridge Island, only to get delayed further by a man-overboard drill. Still, the stop helped us spot a Marbled Murrelet and several Pigeon Guillemots -- now in winter colors -- near Eagle Harbor, and as the ferry finally came in to the dock, a flock of about 25 Black Turnstones and 25 Surfbirds flew from a bundle of pilings where they had been waiting out high tide. 

Point No-Point was a busy place with around 18 fisherpersons and several small boats near shore. Still, after looking out into the channel we started picking up some good birds, 8+ Common Murres, another 7 Marbled Murrelets, 3 Rhinoceros Auklets flew southward, and a Parasitic Jaeger, in hot pursuit of some Heerman's Gulls flew low overhead. Further out we saw two flocks of Surf Scoters -- about 8 birds in each -- heading southward, and roughly 24 Bonaparte's Gulls and a dozen Common Terns settled down out in the channel. We checked the marsh, finding the standard residents -- 3 Great Blue Herons, plus Spotted Towhees, Song Sparrows, Red-winged Blackbirds, House Finches, and at least 100 starlings plus a single Lincoln's Sparrow. 

We met Brad Waggoner, after his big year on Bainbridge Island in 2003 now making a similar effort for Kitsap County. He joined us at the beach and did some sharp spotting to find a young Sabine's Gull and several Red-necked Phalaropes well out over the channel, as a first-year Cooper's Hawk flew past near us. He also shared news with us about an American Golden Plover and two Lesser Yellowlegs at Foulweather Bluff. So we went over there and picked up several forest species on the walk out from the road to the pond and found the unusual migrants among other usual suspects -- dabbling ducks, 3 Great Blues, and 3 kingfishers, and a dozen Killdeer.

After a sandwich at the local market we checked back in at a quiet Point No-Point, and found 32 Red-necked Phalaropes swimming only 100 yards offshore. We checked in briefly at Port Gamble and Salsbury Point County Park, but found nothing to keep us from heading back to catch the 4:30 ferry back to Seattle.

A short but pretty good day in north Kitsap County, with 52 species seen:

Common Loon -- 1 at Foulweather Bluff [FB]
Red-necked Grebe -- 6+ at Eagle Harbor [EH] and Point No-Point [PNP]
Horned Grebe -- 5 at Port Gamble, 1 at FB
Western Grebe -- only 4 seen: 2 at EH and 2 at FB
Double-crested Cormorant -- 50+ seen
Great Blue Heron
Canada Goose -- 20 in EH
American Wigeon -- 12+ at FB
Green-winged Teal -- 1 at FB
Northern Pintail -- 4 at FB
Surf Scoter -- about 20 total seen (at all sites) today
Bald Eagle -- 1 on channel marker off Duwamish Head
Cooper's Hawk
Red-tailed Hawk -- 1 at PNP
American Golden-Plover -- 1 at FB
Lesser Yellowlegs -- 2 at FB
Black Turnstone
Red-necked Phalarope -- 32 at PNP
Parasitic Jaeger
Heermann's Gull -- 50+ seen today
Mew Gull
Ring-billed Gull
California Gull -- 1 seen at PNP
Glaucous-winged Gull
Bonaparte's Gull -- 24+ at PNP
Sabine's Gull -- 1 well off-shore at PNP
Common Tern -- 12+ at PNP
Common Murre -- 8+ at PNP and Port Gamble
Pigeon Guillemot -- 10+ in EH and near Port Gamble
Marbled Murrelet -- 8 at PNP and EH
Rhinoceros Auklet -- 3 at PNP
Anna's Hummingbird -- 1 at PNP
Belted Kingfisher
Northern Flicker
Barn Swallow -- about 10 at PNP
Golden-crowned Kinglet
Bewick's Wren
Winter Wren
Black-capped Chickadee
Steller's Jay
American Crow
(Northwestern Crow)
European Starling
Spotted Towhee
Song Sparrow
Lincoln's Sparrow -- 1 at PNP
Red-winged Blackbird
Brewer's Blackbird
House Finch

Paul Webster
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