[Tweeters] re: some guidance

Dianna Moore dlmoor2 at coastaccess.com
Wed Sep 28 10:29:03 PDT 2005

My two cents: those who write so eloquently about birding and nature in 
general are educating us...and that's a GOOD thing! I savor their vision of 
the planet's inhabitants and agree with the emotions they express about 
watching and observing...even the human inhabitants! My day is enriched by 
posts from Connie, Burt, caren, or Rob S (wish I had been so fortunate to 
have a teacher like him in grade school!).

These people have as much to add as those whose posts give us the facts and 
figures for birds (and dragonflies & butterflies).

Humans are as varied as snowflakes...let us enjoy them as such...and learn.

Dianna Moore
Ocean Shores, Wa.
dlmoor2 at coastaccess.com

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