[Tweeters] Catbird

Grad, Andrea E. agrad at helsell.com
Wed Sep 28 15:11:07 PDT 2005

When I was growing up next to Schmitz Park in West Seattle (I was born
in 1962), we had what my mom always called Catbirds in the wooded ravine
next to our house. I wasn't a birder when I was a kid, but my mom was
from the Midwest and seemed very familiar with them, and I remember
their mewing sounds. We saw/heard them for years -- not just once or
twice. I can't remember when they stopped being there -- probably
during my teenage years when I was paying more attention to my friends
and less attention to the woods.

We also had lots of California Quail around back then -- I could call to
them down in the ravine and they would answer, and we'd always see them
running from cover to cover. At least the Band-tailed Pigeons are still
there ...

Andrea Grad
agrad at helsell.com

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