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I agree with Caren.  I enjoy Connie's posts also; she skillfully provides an
insight that many people overlook in their haste to add to their life lists.
If I don't have time to read something she writes, I simply pass it by or
delete it.  Personally, I tend to delete (or ignore) the notes from the
listers, as I find them boring and impersonal.

Jody Breckenridge, North of Monroe
Rural Snohomish County

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personally, i have to say that ms sidles posts (and those of a few others
here) are those i await with much anticipation.  they tell everyone her
story regarding her experiences with birds.  surely, there is a place for
such on tweeters, as well as there is a place for those who are more
interested in acquiring life lists through competitions, or delineated by
neighbourhood or county, state or country?

who says tweeters must be a place where all you do is mechanically report on
what was seen?  why can't tweeters also be about HOW you felt, or what you
experienced in your soul, when you saw the bird?  isn't the reason we watch
birds in that we are fascinated by what they are, what they do?

if you don't like a particular person's view on the world, or the way they
dress or type or post, etc, you should exercise your personal ability to
remove them from your sight by depressing the DELETE THIS EMAIL key.  it's a
bit like the ability to change the channel when you see something on the TV
you don't like.  you can even automate the process in most email programs by
making a rule that basically states "there's a post by connie sidles or
caren - delete it immediately upon receipt so i never even know it is

please remember:  your viewpoint is not the only one here, and while your
complaint MAY be valid, unless you are an admin, it's not for you to make
that determination.  i would suggest that if you have an issue with a
particular author's post, you should take it up privately with the
administrators of the list.  i'm sure they will deal with it, or not, as
they see fit.

for what it's worth:  it is my opinion (perhaps alone amongst all) her posts
are worth more than mechanical recitations, in the same way an accountant's
financial report on the wealthiest man in the world is long forgotten though
a shakespeare poem stands the test of time...  but, you see, that's only my
opinion.  your mileage may vary.

00 caren
with an opinion from near JBP

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Hey tweets, "Almost human" (see post below) raises an issue about what we
should be posting to tweeters. I would like to know, both from the
listmaster and perhaps from any of you, what our guidelines should be in
this regard. I think of tweeters as a community of birders, and I think, as
a community, we should decide what kind of a forum tweeters should be. -
Connie, Seattle

csidles at isomedia.com

So  again why don't you please start a blog. You can even announce it as a
"birders blog". Just please can we have Tweeters back...

I'm sorry you are way out of line with this post as a Tweeters post!

PS... I do not need to hear back from you on this matter by the way, I'm not
interested in your "excuses".

almost2human at earthlink.net
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