[Tweeters] some guidance + how big are we?

Larry Schwitters lpatters at ix.netcom.com
Wed Sep 28 17:45:40 PDT 2005


When I put out these questions nearly a week ago I was wanting to bring
something to the entire group's attention.

1. How many are currently registered to "Tweeters"?

2. How does this compare to the list to the south, OBL-Oregon Birding

3. How does Tweeters numbers compare with what it had 5 years ago?
Should that be (How do Tweeters numbers compare)?

4. Same question for OBL.

If you failed to notice a posted response, so did I. I did get one
private response telling me that a while back there were 1200
subscribers, and tweeters numbered less than 100 ten years ago.

Does anyone out there in Tweeterland know how this compares to the
Oregon Birding List???????

The bottom line here is actually a quote from Dianna Moore.

Education, "that's a GOOD thing!"

Larry Schwitters

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