[Tweeters] some guidance + how big are we?

Hal Opperman hal at catharus.net
Wed Sep 28 19:36:11 PDT 2005

In reply to Larry's questions:

- Tweeters currently has 1639 subscribers. However, many non-subscribers
consult the postings regularly through Jack Siler's website
<http://birdingonthe.net>. It's impossible to say how many exactly, but some
believe the number may equal or exceed the number of actual subscribers.

- One year ago we perhaps had 1200-1400 subscribers, but I'm not absolutely
sure and there is no way to look it up. Five years ago I've an even fuzzier
idea -- perhaps 800-1000. Dan may be able to offer more precise numbers when
he gets back.

- The listowner for OBOL (Oregon Birders On-Line) is Douglas Robinson
<douglas.robinson at oregonstate.edu>. Why not ask him about their past and
present subscription base?

Hal Opperman
(pinch hitting for Dan Victor)
tweeters-owner at mailman1.u.washington.edu

On 9/28/05 5:45 PM, "Larry Schwitters" <lpatters at ix.netcom.com> wrote:


> Tweeters,


> When I put out these questions nearly a week ago I was wanting to bring

> something to the entire group's attention.


> 1. How many are currently registered to "Tweeters"?


> 2. How does this compare to the list to the south, OBL-Oregon Birding

> List?


> 3. How does Tweeters numbers compare with what it had 5 years ago?

> Should that be (How do Tweeters numbers compare)?


> 4. Same question for OBL.


> If you failed to notice a posted response, so did I. I did get one

> private response telling me that a while back there were 1200

> subscribers, and tweeters numbered less than 100 ten years ago.


> Does anyone out there in Tweeterland know how this compares to the

> Oregon Birding List???????


> The bottom line here is actually a quote from Dianna Moore.


> Education, "that's a GOOD thing!"


> Larry Schwitters

> Issaquah


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