[Tweeters] How big are we? Answers

Larry Schwitters lpatters at ix.netcom.com
Thu Sep 29 10:37:42 PDT 2005

1. How many are currently registered to "Tweeters"? 1639  plus maybe as 
many "checkers" WOW!

2. How does this compare to the list to the south, OBL-Oregon Birding 
List?  About 900.  This is double what I would have guessed  based on 
how many posts are made daily.

3. How does Tweeters numbers compare with what it had 5 years ago?  
estimated at 800-1000

4. Same question for OBL.  Data not readily available

Tweeters is/has become a very diverse and successful group.  We need to 
show our thanks to those who have made it so.  I'm now standing, not 
sure what direction to face, and clapping.  Thank you list owners and 
workers.  I know the pay could be better.

Tweeters has also been a very classy group.  Check out the Mustang 
Owners of America group for comparison.  I assume there is one.

It can also take some courage to make that first contribution.  If you 
just witnessed a compelling drama at your bird feeder that you would 
like to share with the world, be certain that there are a lot of 
Tweeters who will want to read about it.

Larry Schwitters

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