[Tweeters] Short-billed Dowitchers arrive. At Willapa Bay.

Jeff Gilligan jeffgill at teleport.com
Mon Apr 3 11:31:41 PDT 2006

A group of five Short-billed Dowitchers, with 27 Greater Yellowlegs,  came
into the little cove off my deck on Willapa Bay on April 2, on the falling
tide.  I hadn't been there since fall, so I am not sure how many Greater
Yellowlegs wintered, but the number seen is within the range for previous
winters.  I assume that the dowitchers are migrants.

Brant were in large numbers in the channel between the peninsula and Long

The local newspaper reports that the war on spartina is going well. The
county is considering requiring the few property owners who have refused to
allow it to be eradicated by spraying to remove it by other means.

Jeff Gilligan, Portland.

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