[Tweeters] Warning: Lummi Flats

James Duemmel j.duemmel at worldnet.att.net
Wed Apr 5 18:33:58 PDT 2006

Due to some serious damage to tidelands (not caused by bird watchers) the
Lummi Nation has revoked all permits for access to the aquaculture dike and
other tideland areas. They are re-evaluating their permitting procedures and
considered complete revocation necessary while designing a new procedure.

In the interim, expected to be about 90 days, birders should bird only from
PAVED roads on the reservation. Leaving paved roads would take you onto
tribal or private property and would be trespassing.

Everyone's cooperation is hoped for during the period that access is
restricted. Whatcom County birders have contacted tribal officials in the
hope that the new permit process will be convenient for birders. Watch
"Tweeters" for news about the new procedure.

James Duemmel
j.duemmel at att.net

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