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Wed Apr 12 08:43:21 PDT 2006

Last night my husband and I were pulling out of the drive at 9:30 PM, when I noticed a hummingbird fly from the feeder at the window, and up behind the gutter. We watched for a moment, and realized the Anna's (male) was roosting just above the feeder by the computer window, and flying down to the feeder in the headlights.  My male Anna's is always the last and latest at this feeder, as the light from the computer room shines directly on the feeder itself. His roosting spot is an old nail that we used to hang chimes, and then later a feeder from. The Anna's appear to be putting roots down here, for the first spring, after being here all winter, for the first time. 

I also downloaded a bunch of Stokes bird songs onto my new iPod, without the software for now. It will work for the time being, although I have discovered that a 4 GB iPod, isn't enough room for me and all my music: and the bird calls as well. (Maybe I will buy my husband a 20 GB for his birthday by accident, he only needs a 2 GB since he doesn't listen to music as much as I do!)

Saturday I leave for my Step-dad's memorial service. He was a Philosophy Professor at a college in Florida for 30 years, and was a hard core environmentalist. He also knew Roger Tory Peterson, and had the honor of birding with him several times. To me it seems the old die young, at least in this case. They have a treasure of knowledge and wisdom that we simply cannot comprehend; even when pushing 50.

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