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Brett Wolfe m_lincolnii at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 17 12:01:13 PDT 2006

Hi Tweets,

I am taking a class at the UW called Conservation & Biology of Birds, and we had to form teams for a conservation tpoic involving birds (pretty broad). My group chose Purple Martins, which are a species with national conservation issues as well as local issues.

With the recent unfortunate passing of Kevin Li, I wonder if there are any other local experts who would be able to answer some questions, such as: Does anyone else seem to be stepping up in the vacuum of Kevin's passing? Is there a list of nest sites Puget Sound wide? Could one be made up (we'd like to map out local conservation)?

Finally, we'd really like to get our own photos and possibly videos of Purple Martins at any gourd or other nesting sites in the Seattle area. I know of one such on the Duwamish River, but don't know other likely spots, or where they may already be starting this years nests.

Sorry for the length of the e-mail. If anyone has information of the nature we seek, and would be willing to meet with 1-4 senior-level students interested in birds, please let us know (I have cc'd the rest of my group, and my e-mail is below). Thanks and good birding!

Brett A. Wolfe
Seattle, WA
m_lincolnii at yahoo.com or bushtit at u.washington.edu

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