[Tweeters] Little Gull

Faye McAdams zest4parus at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 17 14:57:41 PDT 2006

Hello Tweets!

Following up on the sighting by Brad Waggoner,(and his helpful e-mails &
phone call! THANKS!), Melissa Sherwood, Carol Smith & I were able to
re-locate this lovely little Little Gull today.
We started out at its last-seen locations on Bainbridge Island -- Lynwood
Center, Lytle Rd. and near South Beach at the bottom of Fort Ward Hill Road.
We did see SWARMS of Bonapartes.....only they were in the middle of the
passage, and quite frankly, heading toward the other shore! No!!!!!
We pulled out our DeLorme, and realized we were seeing them over off from
Manchester. We headed back to the car, and headed off to Manchester, driving
mostly the speed limit. After some time sifting through hundreds of
Bonaparte's Gulls, we did find him. We walked down the beach off from the
boat ramp/lauch in downtown Manchester, heading toward the Navy dock (to
your left as you stand on the boat ramp and are looking off toward Seattle.)

Thanks Brad for alerting us to your excellant find.

Happy Birding,
Faye McAdams Hands
zest4parus at hotmail.com
Tacoma, WA

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