[Tweeters] Vancouver, BC RBA for April 15, 2006

Wayne C. Weber contopus at telus.net
Tue Apr 18 15:47:48 PDT 2006

This is the Vancouver Natural History Society's Rare Bird Alert for
Saturday April 15th, sponsored in part by Wild Birds Unlimited, with 
stores in Vancouver and North Vancouver.  This message was updated 
at noon on April 16th.

The RBA telephone number is (604) 737-3074.

Sightings for Saturday, April 15th:

A LONG-EARED OWL was reported from Colony Farm in Coquitlam

Sightings for Friday, April 14th:

The male KING EIDER flew past the tip of the South Jetty at Iona Island,
Richmond, in the company of SURF SCOTERS.

2 male and 1 female MOUNTAIN BLUEBIRDS were on Sea Island,
Richmond, near the UPS Warehouse.

A CHIPPING SPARROW was reported from the Dunsmuir Garden at Blackie 
Spit in Surrey.

2 GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GEESE were observed at the corner of 24th
Ave. & 208th St, Langley.

1 TRUMPETER SWAN was along 60th St west of Burns Bog in Delta.

No sightings for Thursday, April 13th

Sightings for Wednesday, April 12th:

An adult GLAUCOUS GULL was observed on the east side of Maplewood 
Flats in North Vancouver

Sightings for Tuesday, April 11th:

After a long absence the male KING EIDER was relocated on the edge 
of one of three rafts of SURF SCOTERS in the bay between the South 
and the North Jetties at Iona Island .

A pair of alternate plumaged LAPLAND LONGSPURS were seen on
a fence inside the Vancouver International Airport in Richmond, and
the male was heard singing!

9 TURKEY VULTURES were part of a hawk migration over Burnaby 
Mountain Park in Burnaby. 2 TOWNSEND'S SOLITAIRES and 2
EVENING GROSBEAKS were also at this location 

Sighting for Monday, April 10th:

1 alternate plumaged LAPLAND LONGSPUR continues on the Iona Island 
South Jetty in Richmond

Sightings for Sunday, April 9th:

4 CHIPPING SPARROWS were reported from Blackie Spit in Surrey

4 GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GEESE were seen at Serpentine Fen in South 

If you have any questions about birds or birding in the Vancouver 
area, please call Wayne at (604) 597-7201, Viveka at 531-3401, or 
Larry at 465-1402.  Thank you for calling the Vancouver Rare Bird 
Alert, and good birding.

For further information about birding in the Vancouver area, log 
onto the Vancouver Natural History Society's website at 

This message was recorded and transcribed by Mark Wynja, and
forwarded by Wayne Weber.

Wayne C. Weber
Delta, BC
contopus at telus.net

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