[Tweeters] King Co 4/23/06 - Kent shorebirds and a couple other stops

Matt Bartels mattxyz at earthlink.net
Sun Apr 23 21:43:25 PDT 2006

	Hi Tweets -
I was back down in the Kent valley this morning, hoping for new 
arrivals. The shorebird numbers are still doing pretty well, though 
the mud at the 204th St. fields looks a little drier than last time.

At 204th St. [accessed off either Orilla Rd. or off 195th , north on 
Frager, then west on 204th], the fields south of the road had good 
numbers of LEAST & WESTERN Sandpipers. A little further east, and 
then looking north of the road around all the stumps, there was a 
YELLOWLEGS. A flock of AMERICAN PIPITS flew over, but never settled 
down for looks anywhere. Also present were a few WILSON'S SNIPE and 
several KILLDEER including the cute little fuzzy ones.

Boeing Ponds was pretty quiet, but at the intersection of 59th and 
195th there were 3 GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GEESE mixed in with some 

Kent Ponds [Green River NRA]  - looks promising but I didn't find any 
shorebirds - there was a nice pair of CINAMMON TEAL present though, 
viewed from the south viewing tower.

At W.Valley Hwy & 277th [Smith Bros Dairy] - north of the 
intersection, on the west side of the road:
A flock of ~150-200 peeps, mostly LEASTS but good numbers of 
WESTERNs, with a few DUNLIN thrown in.

W.Valley Hwy & 285th - east from W.Valley Hwy, the ponds in the 
fields north of here look decent, but I didn't turn up more than a 
few Leasts and one American Pipit.
However, a warning: Be careful if you park on the south side of 285th 
between W.Valley Hwy and the house - there is a Killdeer nest in the 
gravel on the south side. I was lucky to have just stopped ~5 feet 
before it; there but for fortune drove I....

Down by Emerald Downs, the Black Phoebe was still hanging around at 
its designated place -- this is the second time though that I've seen 
it venture as far west as the parking spot at the turn in the road -- 
so if you go looking, watch the entire stretch of road here.

In the evening, after reading Connie's post from the Fill, I decided 
to enjoy more time outside - No luck relocating the YELLOW-HEADED 
BLACKBIRD, but the BLUE-WINGED & CINAMMON TEAL were hanging out in 
the main pond & shoveller pond, and VAUXS SWIFTS eventually made an 
appearance late.

Finally, at sunset I checked in with the Ballard, Shilshole Bay 
Martin gourds - and a pair of PURPLE MARTINS had arrived and begun 
checking out one of the gourds - yay. I've been checking in for the 
past 3 evenings hoping to see the arrivals - sounds like they are 
showing up everywhere this weekend. Thanks again to everyone who is 
carrying on Kevin's work this year -

Matt Bartels
Seattle, WA


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