[Tweeters] Kent Solitary Sandpiper and Semi-palamated plover

Penny Koyama plkoyama at verizon.net
Sat Apr 29 15:04:31 PDT 2006


After having dipped on the Montlake Fill Solitary Sandpiper twice this week, my husband and I headed to Kent to look for one at the "Lynnn Schulz" site, on the north side of 204th. There were 10 or so snipes, numerous Killdeer, and Least Sandpipers moving from pond to pond. Just when we were about to give up, the Solitary SP emerged from the grass and eventually flew over to a more eastern pond to provide a much better view. A mixed flock of Western and Leasts also flew in and while we were looking at those, Grace and Ollie, who had just set up both their scopes, spotted a large flock of American Pipits which had landed in the field beyond the ponds.

Also of interest was a single Semi-palmated Plover in with a flock of Least Sandpipers on the south side of 204th closer to the parking area. And as we were leaving, a Cooper's Hawk burst over the field from, of all places, the ditch, where it made an attempt on Killdeer, missing by less than a foot (which was, I guess as good as missing by a mile!) That Killdeer made a big return circle and was still crying long after the Cooper's headed to the horizon!!
Luckily, we missed the rain, but perhaps the shrinking ponds will be replenished to extend the shorebird visits a bit longer.

Penny Koyama, Bothell
plkoyama at verizon.net

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