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Donna Diduch DonnaD at paws.org
Sat Apr 29 14:57:48 PDT 2006

Be a goodwill ambassador for Seattle’s Canada geese and for peaceful human/urban-wildlife coexistence. Spend some time this summer in our city parks and play a part in keeping Seattle’s moratorium on killing Canada geese in place. 


Seattle Parks and Recreation, in partnership with the Progressive Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) in Lynnwood, WA, and The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), is employing non-lethal methods to mitigate the impact of Canada geese in selected public parks (Green Lake, Gas Works, Matthews Beach, Madison Park, and Pritchard Beach). 


If you like the idea of using humane methods to share our park spaces with wildlife and you can spare a few hours this summer, please consider volunteering to help clean beaches and parks of goose droppings. (It’s quick, easy, and not nearly as bad as you might think!) Donate an hour or two each week or month, or join our occasional work parties.


Here’s the scoop: We need people to help keep certain Seattle parks free of goose poop. The work is far from glamorous, but it has a tremendous impact (far more than you can imagine) on park visitors’ perception of the graceful Canada goose. And you get to spend time outside in the parks during summer days.


We also need captains for two of our parks: Greenlake and Gasworks. Captains schedule shifts for the volunteers and get their equipment to them. (We provide both the volunteers and the equipment.) These volunteer captain positions probably require 5 hours (at most!) of your time each week during the clean-up phase of the program (which runs from the beginning of June through to the first week of September). 


The moratorium on killing Canada geese in Seattle public parks is in its third year, but the jury is out regarding whether this program is sustainable over the long-term. While we’ve made great progress toward using solely humane methods of managing mitigating “goose damage” (i.e., poop), the geese aren’t out of danger yet. To ensure the moratorium on killing geese continues through next year, please help us increase our presence in Seattle parks.


For more information or to sign up for a shift, please email Donna at donnad at paws.org.



 Thank you!


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