[Tweeters] Fill at Lunch

Kathy Andrich chukarbird at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 10 15:13:35 PDT 2006

Hi Tweeters,

I did a cruise around some of the Montlake Fill at
lunch.  No shorebirds for me but two Green Herons, one
perched and one flyby at the SW Pond.  Last week a
Pied-Billed Grebe in the same pond had 5 babies, only
saw 4 this week.  I knew when I saw the size of that
brood at least a few of them probably wouldn't make
it.  Another Pied-billed with 2 older young in the
slough by the baseball field.  Most numerous bird by
sound and sight was American Goldfinch.  Spent a bit
of time watching one deftly pluck out thistle down and
chow down.  The others in that group either didn't
have the sweet thistle head or were on the learning
curve.  A pair of nutria were either playing follow
the leader or chase in the slough, kind of hard to
tell.  It seemed like the lead critter didn't want to
be followed.

Googling for fill directions I found the first website
was great:


This site has one of the best fill maps I've seen,
with most of the main ponds named.  Also directions
and great general info.  Enjoy!

Roosting in S King County

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