[Tweeters] Ancient Murrelet is happy to be back in the water!

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Hello Kevin,

I printed you information out and put it in to my car,in case we having to run in to a situation like this.We didn't anticipate to taking this falcon home,and than driving back the next day where we found this bird.You don't supposed to take a wild bird in to you house,but it was already so late as we looking for Bud Andersons place.I covert the cage up and the falcon was real still all night.I found the photo of this falcon with the letter from Sarvey Wildlife Care thanking us to travel that far to bring this bird to there clinic.The falcon looked real scared in the photo.If any one want to see the picture of this bird,let me know and I will sent it to you.Kevin thank you for finding time to sent the information.

Cheers Ruth Sullivan

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Hi Ruth/Denny/tweeters,

Great stories about both the murrelet and the peregrine!

Since Ruth wrote that it was difficult to find a place to take the injured falcon I thought I should mention that if you ever have need of place to take an injured bird feel free to give the PAWS Wildlife Center a call at 425-787-2500 ext. 817. Also a list of contact information for wildlife rehabilitators in the central and northern Puget Sound regions can be found on the PAWS website here: http://www.paws.org/wildlife/rehabilitators/.

Kevin Mack
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425-787-2500 ext. 854
P.O. Box 1037 Lynnwood, WA 98046

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Hello Denny and tweeters,
What a happy ending,that the Ancient Murrelet got saved and mad it well in to the Puget Sound Waters.What one success story this is.Despite the long drive and here the bad roads,what are even now dominating the news all day.It took one great caring person what did the extra step and caring to saving a wild bird.
It was the 26th of February 2002, I believe that we birded Skagit for the Falcated Teal.An one of the roads we spotted a injured Falcon.We stopped and we know that this was a young Peregrine .By this time more cars approached where I stopped all cars to make sure that there would avoid this injured bird ,otherwise there would smash this bird completely.Every one was nice and avoided this bird.We trying to pick the bird up,but he don't let us as he was trying to run of ,but barley could made few stops.I always keeping a blanket in my car,what we pulled over his head and tan slowly picket the bird up,and drove to the next store we could find to get a big box to put this bird in and cover the blanket so he could not get out of the box.From a local we found out where Bud Anderson lives,so we figured this would be no trouble at all and But would know where to get help for this injured bird.It so happen that Bud was out of town,his dad told us.By this time it gotten to dark and we drove home with this Falcon.We had a big Dog cage and we trying to give him some water.The next morning we got on the phone and called several places and no one wanted this bird.But after few hours we got desperate and I called Dennis Paulson to ask if he recommend anything where we can get help for this Falcon.He recommended the Woodland Park Zoo.We called first and it looked good ,since there told us to bring this bird.But after a long drive to find the right department there was a mistake and there could not by thee rules take this bird in.But the give us the Address from the SARVEY Wildlife Center outside Everett.How relieved we where that was one of the moments I will never forget.We was allowed to staying when there took x-ray,what showed no broken bones or wings,but very bruised up.So we left so relieved that this bird probable survive his injury.After a month I got a letter in the mail telling us that the bird was a young female and that there released this bird close where we found it.There also sent us a photo of this bird ( sorry but I can not find it right now.)
When we had problem finding the right place for this Falcon to get help,I kind of thinking,but not mention that when you picking something wild up,there is a little trouble to finding the right agency what would take a wild bird.There also bee many times we rescue some Alcids on the beach what being stranded .Last moth when we birded with birders from the east coast to finding Snowy Plovers.We found a Common Murre on Midway Beach stranded.With the help from Jim Pruske we taken the Murre to the water,and he was swimming of as we watched this.I am sure that there are a lot of birders what can tell stories like this it is so amazing that some of the birds will survive with our help.--- Original Message -----
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