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 In case anyone keeps track of this species locally. This is from the
Journal of Ornithology:
1) A revision of the Aratinga mitrata complex, with the description of one
new species, two new subspecies and species-level status of Aratinga

by Thomas Arndt, ThoArndt at aol.com

Issue: Volume 147, Number 1
Date: January 2006
Pages: 73 - 86

Abstract: Prompted by field observations in 2001 in the Utcubamba Valley,
Peru, a study was undertaken of 130 specimens in the Aratinga mitrata
complex. As a result, the traditional arrangement of Aratinga mitrata (A.
m.mitrata Tschudi 1844 and A. m. alticola Chapman 1921) as one species, is
replaced with a new classification where Aratinga mitrata is divided into
five taxa, A. m. mitrata Tschudi 1844, Aratinga mitrata chlorogenys
and Aratinga mitrata tucumana ssp. nov, Aratinga hockingi sp. nov, and
A.alticola Chapman 1921


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