[Tweeters] Mitred Conure/Parakeet id + Seward (seattle) Conure ID

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  I have a flock here in Shoreline that numbers between 5 and 12 depending on the time of year and success of breeding season I suppose.  After reviewing close up photos and comparing them to the pictures in Sibley I believe they are the Mitred Parakeet or Aratinga mitrata.  Sibley says that there are many other confusingly similar species that he does not list and I have yet to find any images of these but have heard others say that Red-Mitred Parakeets exist so this is another possibility.   
  Either way they are noisy but funny birds that always bring a smile to my face.  I can hear them from over 3 blocks away when they are "talking" or communicating in flight.  Currently they are flying from Madrona Tree to Madrona Tree devouring the fermenting berries.  I have also seen them lately eating the fruits of our Western Red Cedars as well.   
  What I find the most interesting about this flock though is that they set up shop in 1 or 2 roosts for weeks.  Then they travel the neighborhood and search out who knows what.  Then, they just disappear for weeks at a time.  Where do they go?  Why do they do this?  Any thoughts?

Shoreline, Wa.
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I don't remember if anyone has given a species ID to the flock of Conure
parakeets - genus Aratinga that summers at seward park in Seattle.  Does
anyone know what species they are and what their natural range is?

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