[Tweeters] seed-eating wren/suet free dough

Kathryn Hornbein kurlew at earthlink.net
Thu Feb 2 16:52:43 PST 2006

Hmm, how well do birds metabolize vegetable oil? And, is there mad
cow disease in SUET??? thanks

kathryn hornbein
bellevue WA
kurlew at earthlink.net

>I only use "suet free" dough. The birds love it and I don't want to

>introduce Mad Cow Disease to my birds or yard. I purchase it from

>Wild Birds Unlimited and it contains vegetable oil, peanuts, corn

>and oats.


>Diane Weinstein



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>Our family Bewick of the last several years has for the first time

>joined the juncos on our deck, and he appears to be pecking at sfs

>bits. I also use shelled sfs pieces. When I just couldn't keep the

>suet I had on the deck away from four-footed mammals whose identity

>beyond the obese grey squ. I'd hate to speculate on, I didn't

>replace it. And lo! my wren now goes to the hanging suet, AND a

>junco at the hanging seed feeder--both new observations. Thank god

>for adaptability, it's the only thing that'll save'em.


>BTW, anyone wi any thoughts about this hot pepper suet dough? What's

>the difference between suet and dough? The mammals are definitely

>less enthusiastic than the birds re the pepper suet dough....






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