[Tweeters] Red-shouldered Hawk continues

Ruth and/or Patrick Sullivan godwit513 at msn.com
Sun Feb 5 20:34:43 PST 2006

Hello Tweets,

Today we birded an enjoyable calm Sunday in the Grand Mound-Independence area covering areas in both Lewis and Thurston Cos. Our first stop of the day was made along Galvin Rd. in Lewis Co.,where we scoped a flooded area north of the road just east of the Chehalis River bridge crossing. Among relatively small numbers of waterfowl here were 2 male Eurasian Wigeon and 40+ Dunlin. Our next stop of the day was made along Wagner Rd. near Grand Mound,where a single GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE was located in Lewis Co.amongst a large flock of grazing Canada/Cackling Geese. A lone flock of 11 Trumpeter Swans were noted along the north side of Wagner Rd. Next,we checked the flooded areas at the end of Goodrich Rd. in Lewis Co.,where 1 pair of CANVASBACK and 3 Ruddy Ducks were observed amongst more regular waterfowl species. A single adult Herring Gull was located within a flock of Glaucous-winged Gulls at the same location across the road from the flooded area. Our final good bird from the Grand Mound area was the lingering TOWNSEND'S SOLITAIRE that was again noted from a residence along Goodrich Rd. In a recently flooded area along Prather Rd. just west of Meadows Rd. a single adult WESTERN GULL and another adult Herring wewre both noted amongst a small flock of Glaucous-winged Gulls.

We then drove straight to Independence Rd. via Prather and Michigan Hill Rd.,where the adult RED-SHOULDERED HAWK was again present nearly immediately after we arrived at 12:15pm. The bird was again present at it's regular haunts in open areas along Independence Rd. south of Van Dyke Rd. During the first half hour of observations the bird was very vocal and called almost continuously from distant locations. We were joined by 4 Olympia birders,who also viewed the bird from a fair distance,but ample scope views were obtained including views of the bird pursuing then catching a small rodent in an open area behind the property of 13149 Independence Rd. The bird spent much it's time at this location,but also flew back and forth to a lone deciduous tree in a nearby field north of the residence. We watched the bird until 1:30pm then upon arriving back at the location at 2:30pm the bird was again noted in the same general area along the east side of Independence Rd. The bird at this time was very elusive,as it flew from tree to tree and on one brief occasion the bird did fly over onto the west side of Independence Rd. before flying right back. We have placed 3 photos of the Red-shouldered Hawk taken today onto our website,eventhough the bird was far less than cooperative. We have also placed a photo of a partial albino "Oregon"Junco onto our website that was photographed this afternoon along Independence Rd. in Lewis Co. just south of the Red-shouldered Hawk location. The bird showed large white patches over both eyes as well as on one side of the rump,but otherwise showed no other abnormal areas. These photos can all be viewed from the following link: http://www.pbase.com/godwit/recent_photos/

Other notable species from this location included the following:

1 Northern Harrier
1 Cooper's Hawk
2 adult Bald Eagles
3-4 Red-tailed Hawks
1 Am.Kestrel
5 Band-tailed Pigeons
10-12 Mourning Doves
1-2 Western Scrub Jays
1 Lincoln's Sparrow

Good birding,

Ruth and Patrick Sullivan
godwit513 at msn.com

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