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Thu Feb 9 12:45:11 PST 2006

Hello everyone

We just had several errors called to our attention in some trip descriptions for the upcoming WOS Conference, in Republic, in June. The errors are for the following:
Trip 7 Wauconda/Bunch Road to Havillah,
Trip 8 Northport to Big Meadow Lake,
Trip 9 Little Pend Oreille NWR to Amazon Creek Marsh and
Trip 10 Republic & Curlew Local Destinations. - Please note that this trip is primarily intended for Republic residents new to birding.

The corrected descriptions are below and will be on our website very soon (if not already). For anyone who used the printed descriptions in WOSNews to decide on trips to sign up for, please e-mail Michael Hobbs - Registrar (BirdMarymoor at verizon.net), if the corrected versions will result in a change in the trips you want to attend.

I apologize to everyone, as the errors largely came about, when I sent the wrong files to our editor Diann MacRae.

Brian H. Bell
President, WOS
bellasoc at isomedia.com


WAUCONDA/BUNCH ROAD TO HAVILLAH - [Day Trip 7; limited to 6 participants on all 4 days, June 16-19] See pp 455-456. Proceed west from Republic on Hwy 20 for some 17 miles to Wauconda; turn right [northeast] on Toroda Creek Road and go ~4 miles to its junction with Bunch Road; turn left [west] and proceed 1.8 miles to Lee Johnson's property (210 Bunch Road; short hikes for potential Great Gray Owl & Williamson's Sapsucker [both nested Sp 2005] and other birds characteristic of boreal forest, cattail marsh and grassland). Continue west on Bunch Road (FS#020) to its junction with the Virginia Lilly Nature Trail (FS#3240, p 459) and explore the area for Black-backed Woodpecker and Great Gray Owl; proceed south on Bonaparte Lake Road (FS#32) to Bonaparte Lake and bird the peat bogs to its south (p 459; Osprey, Virginia's Rail, Sora and Wilson's Snipe). Reverse direction and about 1 mile north of Bonaparte Lake, turn left [northwest] on FS#070 (~2 miles) and FS#050 (~2 miles) to reach Lost Lake (p 458-459; Common Loon, Black Tern, Williamson's Sapsucker, American Three-toed Woodpecker). Proceed north on Myers Creek Road (FS#34) about 4 miles to its junction with the Oroville-Toroda Creek [a.k.a. Chesaw] Road and continue north to Chesaw (bird the creek-side riparian habitat from ~1 mile south of the junction to the outskirts of Chesaw for passerines [p 458; Redstart, Waterthrush, Yellowthroat, Lincoln's Sparrow]). From Chesaw go west on Chesaw Road (~6-7 miles) to its intersection north with Davies Road (Teal Lake, p 457) and south with Kipling Road; proceed south and look for the alder bogs south of Teas Road on your right [west] for Willow and potential Alder Flycatchers, Waterthrush, etc. Continue south to Muskrat Lake and the Sitzmark Ski Area (both p 457) and on Havillah Road to Havillah and the Highland Sno-Park (both pp 456-457). The latter site can be accessed by going southwest from Havillah ~0.6 miles, then turning right [south] on FS#3230 at the Sno-Park sign for ~1.5 miles (land on both sides of the road is posted-we hope to gain permission to enter-otherwise mind your manners and bird only from the road). The area from the turnoff on Havillah Road to the Sno-Park is excellent for many "classy" species of woodpecker and owl including Great Gray. Assuming this may be another winter light on snow, the return trip may choose to continue south and eventually east from the Sno-Park on FS#3230 (~12 miles) to join the Bonaparte Lake Road (FS#32) south of the peat bogs noted above. To reach Wauconda, go south on FS#32 ~1 mile to Hwy 20 and from their junction east ~3 miles. Another even more adventurous return route might utilize a forest service road that is accessed from just south of the Sno-Park on FS#3230 that climbs the northwest flanks of Bonaparte Mountain, descends its northeastern flanks, and joins FS#100 just west of Bonaparte Lake. Species observed on Trip 7 in large part mirror those noted for Trip 6 above.

FR-7 Friday - Michael & Roger Woodruff, SA-7 Saturday - Lee Johnson and Bart Whelton,

SU-7 Sunday - Lee Johnson & Mark Houston, MO-7 Monday - Randy Hill

NORTHPORT TO BIG MEADOW LAKE - [Day Trip 8] Proceed ~35 miles east from Republic on Hwy 20 to the western outskirts of Kettle Falls; turn left [north] on Hwy 25 and go about 27 miles to the Northport/Boundary region. The potential here for very rare passerines with "eastern" affinities as well as the usual suspects (e.g., see Sanpoil River Valley, Trip 1) is so good and their locations so secret, that only the leaders know!!! From Boundary, circle east on the Deep Lake-Boundary Road to Cedar Lake, Leadpoint, and Deep Lake. Some 9 miles south of Deep Lake (or ~1 mile north of Aladdin), turn left [east] from Aladdin Road to Meadow Creek Road and proceed to Big Meadow Lake [~6 miles; pp 476 & 479-480]. Return by way of Aladdin Road to the Colville sewage ponds and nearby river bottom for Bobolink, waterfowl, blackbirds, and sparrows.

Look for Turkey and Short-eared Owl along the Aladdin Road. The Big Meadow Lake region, one of the most delightful to bird in all of northeastern Washington, contains a rich diversity of habitats accessed by flat trails meandering through forest edge around the lake and through marsh & meadow at the west end of the lake. The wide variety of birds include: breeding Common & Barrow's Goldeneye, Bufflehead, Red-necked Grebe, Common Loon, Barred Owl, Goshawk, Osprey, many swallow sp., including Tree, Virginia's Rail, Sora, Lincoln's Sparrow, Am. Three-toed & Pileated Woodpecker, flycatchers (including possible Least in the aspen beyond the west end of the lake), vireos, chickadees including Chestnut-backed, Swainson's & Hermit Thrushes, warblers including Orange-crowned, Yellow, Yellow-rumped, Townsend's, and MacGillivray's as well as Waterthrush, Yellowthroat, & Redstart, and Vaux's and possibly Black Swift (if you've eaten your Wheaties).

FR-8 Friday - Ken Knittle, SA-8 Saturday - Howard and Thais Armstrong,

SU-8 Sunday - Andy Stepniewski .

LITTLE PEND ORIELLE NWR TO AMAZON CREEK MARSH - [Day Trip 9] Drive 46 miles east of Republic on Hwy 20 & US 395 to Colville. From Colville, the Little Pend Oreille NWR [pp 475-478; 281-285] can be accessed by driving east on Hwy 20 ~6 miles to its intersection with Artman-Gibson Road (about 0.5 miles east of White Mud Lake). Turn right [south] and proceed ~1.6 miles to its junction with Kitt-Narcisse Road; turn left [southeast] on the latter road and go 2.2.miles to the junction with Bear Creek Road; again bear right [southeast] on the latter road for 3.2 miles to Refuge Headquarters (lakes encountered via this route including White Mud, Hatch & Horse Thief all have their share of interesting waterfowl and marsh-associated birds; p 475). From Headquarters, one can take a "loop" of the refuge by continuing east on Bear Creek Road (checkout Cottonwood Campground in 0.8 miles; p 475-476) to its junction with Cliff Ridge Road (another 2.7 miles; p 477); turn right [south] here and ascend a ridgeline that overlooks Bayley Lake; backtrack to the last junction, turn right [east] and go 0.3 miles, and then take another right turn for 0.9 miles to an observation tower at Potter's Pond [moose likely; p 477]. You may continue for 0.2 miles beyond the tower for views of the north end of a large wetland and Bayley Lake. Backtrack to the Bear Creek/Potter's Pond Road junction (in June when we visit, Rookery Road straight ahead [north] is gated to auto traffic to protect nesting birds, but may be hiked through rich forest habitat sprinkled with beaver ponds and other wet areas; p 477). To "continue the loop!!!" backtrack to Headquarters and go 0.6 miles beyond, then turn right [north] on Narcisse Creek Road and go 1.1 miles to a right turn through a green gate where the road forks immediately ahead [east]. Two excellent choices can be made here: (i) take the right branch on Starvation Flat Road to River Camp and McDowell Lake (p 477) for more wetland species, or (ii) take the left branch on Blacktail Mountain Road (p 478) that begins in dry Ponderosa forest but after 7-8 miles (and beyond) reaches wet coniferous forest that plays host to a vastly different set of breeders including Spruce Grouse and Am. Three-toed Woodpecker among the many. Backtrack to Narcisse Creek Road and the "fork in the road"; veer right and proceed west 1.7 miles to Kitt-Narcisse Road where a right turn [north] at the junction and 1.4 miles more will bring you to Hwy 20 about 9 miles east of Colville. Turn right [east] on Hwy 20 and go ~9 miles before turning left [north] on Black Lake Road (Barred Owls along this short, ~2 mile road to the lake); immediately after making this turn, go right [east] on Amazon Creek Road and bird the north and east sides of Amazon Creek Marsh for perhaps 0.7 miles particularly for Am. Bittern, Red-eyed Vireo, Redstart, Waterthrush, Gray Catbird and MacGillivray's Warbler (p 478). Tacoma Creek Road (p 479) perhaps 1 mile east of Amazon Marsh on your right [south] hosts specialties such as Barred and Flammulated Owls, Spruce Grouse, and Three-Toed Woodpeckers in appropriate habitat.

SA-9 Saturday - Patrick and Ruth Sullivan, SU-9 Sunday - Alan McCoy,

MO-9 Monday - Alan McCoy.

REPUBLIC & CURLEW LOCAL DESTINATIONS - [Day Trip 10] Local destinations on private property near Republic include scanning the sewage ponds for waterfowl just south of the Hwy20/21 junction (turnoff 0.2 miles, p 463), wandering nearby private property on the riparian bottoms of the headwaters of the Sanpoil for a rich variety of passerines (Tennessee Warbler is nearly annual there during passage in May and has nested once), and looking for Bobolinks in hayfields 2 miles south. From Republic, drive ~2 miles north to Mud Lake and on to Curlew Lake (waterfowl, grebes, blackbirds, sparrows, Great Blue Heron, Common Yellowthroat and Yellow Warbler, Marsh Wren, Osprey). Next, proceed north to Malo on Hwy 21 and go east on the South Fork Saint Peter Creek Road (FS#2157) to the Mt. Leona burn for "three-toed" and other woodpeckers. Return to Malo and proceed north to backyard hummingbird feeders in Curlew (Rufous, Calliope, & Black-chinned). [If time allows, proceed west on West Kettle River Rd, then south on Tonata Creek Road (FS#2148) to Cargo Spring and continue on FS#102/701 to N. Fork Granite Creek]. This trip is intended for Republic residents new to birding and any WOS members who may be new to birding or wish to travel at a slower pace.

SA-10 Saturday - Brian Bell & Don McKnight,

SU-10 Sunday - Don McKnight & Scott Price.

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