[Tweeters] Slaty-backed Gull @ Renton: yes Sat, Feb 11

Matt Bartels mattxyz at earthlink.net
Sat Feb 11 21:42:56 PST 2006

hi all -
This evening, just before dusk, about a dozen of us were treated to a 
visit by the Slaty-backed Gull in Renton [King County].
The Slaty-backed was first noticed at about 5:00, near the north end 
of the floating logs in Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park. We watched 
until the light gave out at around 5:30. Although there were several 
darkish Western gulls around to tempt us, once the SBGU was located 
it definitely stood out from the others. Shape, the dark smudging 
around the eyes, and the less bulky bill also helped distinguish it 
from the Westerns.  During the time we observed it, it also spread 
its wings several times, showing the wing-patterning.

 From the sounds of previous reports [which resembled today's 
behavior] it might be getting into  a bit of a pattern -- late 
arrival, towards the north end of the line of gulls that congregate 


Matt Bartels,
Seattle, WA

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