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Thank you Martha. This is a subject that makes me cranky too. Sometimes I
wonder why the signs apparently refer to everyone but the offending party.
At the fir island game reserve the field is clearly marked no trespassing,
yet time and time again people duck through the fence to see... whatever. I
was there last Easter grumping about a group of four who were out in the
forbidden field when I suddenly heard a woman exclaim with delight, "Oh look
I found an Easter egg!" I then saw her pick it up, hand it to the person
next to her and listened as they decided if it was pretty enough to keep.
After a few paces they decided it was too plain and put it down. I had to
leave because if they got me started waggling my finger in their face I
might have ended up in jail. My best hope was that it was already a dead egg

Having a happy valentines day

Deb of Ray & Deb Fame

Robe Valley in Washington

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From: Martha Jordan

Date: 02/11/06 21:10:01

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Subject: [Tweeters] ethics


Today, Saturday, was great weather for getting out to bird. Apparently

so did a lot of people. A few on the Fir Island Road have my ire. No less

than 6 cars were parked in the area marked No Parking, No Stopping. The

people were out of their vehicles and at least 4 seperate couples or

individuals walked several hundred feet into a farmers field to get a closer

look and photo the snow geese. Many of the geese were flying in response to

this disturbance. This flight disturbance happened 6 times in just 30


These people not only were breaking several laws regarding parking and

harrassment of wildlife, they were also tresspassing on private property. I

called the local law enforcement to patrol the area and deal with this

thoughtless people.

Please remember: these birds need to feed to replenish their body fat

for the long migration and breeding season ahead. People who go out to bird

or photograph for the most part are careful and considerate of the rules and

the wildlife. Please remind your friends about birding etiquette. Those

that break this etiquette need reminders or more.

Martha Jordan



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