[Tweeters] Re: range of Annas hummingbirds

Kathryn Hornbein kurlew at earthlink.net
Tue Feb 21 21:24:37 PST 2006

One thousand years? You're unusually optimistic!

>The warming effect of climate change is predicted to be most 
>pronounced in the continent's interior, not at its coasts.  In 
>southwestern British Columbia, one is hard-pressed in winter to find 
>an Anna's Hummingbird that is not within a few hundred metres of a 
>feeder.  I think that there is very much to be worried about here. 
>What we observe and attribute as consequences of our actions is not 
>necessarily all that occurs as a result of them, the actions in this 
>case being the planting of winter-flowering non-native trees and 
>shrubs and the supplying of sucrose solution at feeders.  And just 
>because there is no apparent competition, hybridization, or 
>inter-species disease communication now, does it mean that there 
>will never be?  Natural selection is occurring as we speak.  And 
>what happens in 1,000 years?  Are people going to be feeding and 
>planting for hummingbirds then?  What will be the values and goals 
>of humanity then?
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