[Tweeters] RE: Range of Anna's Hummingbird

Guy L. Monty guylmonty at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 22 12:22:33 PST 2006


I don't think it is that simple Jason. Animals ranges change for a
variety of reasons. To ignore those animals whose ranges have changed as a
result of human activity, is to ignore a relevant and far reaching part of
the entire natural equation. It also ignores the changes that occurred as a
result of human activities before colonial activities. For example, it is
well known that much of the conservation work on the Garry oak ecosystem of
SW BC, is essentially an attempt to re-create a human caused environment.
Had native peoples not continually practiced slash and burn type agriculture
in their cultivation of camas, there would have been very little, if any,
Garry oak habitat anywhere in Canada at the time that early European
naturalists began their work. I suspect that this is the case to some extent
in parts of Washington as well. But just because this habitat, and the
resulting use by wildlife dependant upon that habitat, was the result of
human activities, is no reason to ignore the fact that it existed.

When you talk about only supporting the conservation of wildlife in it's
"original" ranges, you are taking a sentimentalist view that human
influences on wildlife began the day the first European set foot on this
continent. Ranges have never been static, and for many thousands of years
they have been affected to some extent by humans on this continent.

The current situation on the west coast of North America, is that there
is virtually no habitat, nor any wildlife, that is not being currently
affected by human activity. Do we therefore ignore any needed conservation
plans, simply because we created the issue to begin with? or just those
caused (at least in your mind) by bird feeding? This seems to be a case of
hair splitting brought on by an unreasonable concern about the feeding of
wild birds.

I am also wondering why you are not supporting the culling of
Red-breasted Sapsuckers? I have seen Anna's Hummingbirds far from human
habitation on Vancouver Island, feeding at sapsucker wells. Seems pretty
insidious to me.......

Guy L. Monty
Parksville, BC

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