[Tweeters] Blue jay still here

csidles at isomedia.com csidles at isomedia.com
Fri Feb 24 12:24:46 PST 2006

Hey tweets, I ran over to Discovery Park this morning to try to find the
Blue Jay, and wonder of wonders, I did.

(There speaks the survivor of many a futile chase, who always starts out
on these jaunts with a curious blend of anticipation and dread, based on
past experiences from which I never seem to learn anything useful except,
to paraphrase Mickey Rooney, "I know, let's do another show.")

The Blue Jay flew in from the northwest to a tree just north of Thurman
and 35th at 9:50 a.m. It was not shy about announcing its presence. It sat
on the tree for quite a while and then flew down to another tree, and then
on to the yard where free peanuts are being passed out to all jays. A most
beautiful bird, especially when he spread his wings and glided to the next
tree. The sun turned his feathers sky blue. - Connie

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