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This mean-spirited sarcasm doesn't belong on Tweeters.
Gene Bullock

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> Wow!  Can you imagine the misery that senior citizens and recovering 
> patients must have had to live through for the decades before people were 
> maintaining birdfeeders for them?  Certainly friends, family, pets, games, 
> and activities would have been of no help.
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>>A friend of mine has placed hanging feeders outside every room in a local
>>convalescent center. She keeps the feeders clean and keeps them filled as 
>>much as
>>she can. She picks up the tab for the seed and does it just to give the 
>>on the other side of the window a bit of joy in their otherwise lonely 
>>I've done informal species counts at the center and I've noticed how one
>>chickadee can make the day a little brighter. I've seen the smiles and the
>>trembling fingers pointing at "their birds."
>>Imagine reaching a point in your life when all you can do is sit and watch
>>the birds at your feeder. Should you stop feeding them?
>>There's a different slant for the discussion.
>>Joe Meche
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