[Tweeters] Bewick's Swan- Blue Goose @ Fir Island

Jessie Barry jhbirds384 at hotmail.com
Sat Feb 25 17:46:49 PST 2006

Hey Tweeters,

This afternoon Cameron Cox and I came across a large swan flock of ~725 birds at the north end of Polson Road on Fir Island.  The flock was about 2/3 Tundra and a third Trumpeter.  We picked out one adult BEWICK'S SWAN in the mix.  This bird had a large rounded yellow spot at the base of the bill; the yellow did not appear to extend across the front of the bill.   

Also, in the large Snow Goose flock which was at the east end of Polson Road today there was an adult BLUE GOOSE.  It was actually at the close edge of the flock, near the road, and easy to spot.

Good birding,
Jessie Barry
Seattle, WA
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