[Tweeters] Puget Sound Purple Martin Nest Sites

Carol Riddell cariddell at earthlink.net
Mon Feb 27 10:24:44 PST 2006

Hi Tweets,

First question.  Can someone tell me if there exists a comprehensive  
map of Puget Sound Purple Martin nest sites?  If yes, how can I  
access it?  If there is not one, I would propose that we put one  
together for a couple of reasons.  A number of good folks have been  
involved in providing nesting habitat for the martins, not just Kevin  
Li.  I think we have a de facto Purple Martin trail on Puget  Sound.   
It would be worth while documenting it for future preservation  
purposes and as an educational tool.  With reference to future  
preservation, for example, the Port of Seattle is proposing to move  
its cruise ship docking site to Pier 91.  That is one of Kevin's  
gourd sites.  If we don't have a comprehensive picture of where all  
the gourds and nest-boxes are, we can't protect them.  The cruise  
ship terminal might be our first call to action to negotiate with the  
Port how the martin gourds can continue to be accommodated at Pier  
91.  Then there is my impending personal need.  Kevin was going to  
give a Purple Martin workshop at the Edmonds Bird Fest on IMBD in  
May.  We are going to continue with the workshop.  I thought a Puget  
Sound map with the nest sites on it would be a nice handout for  
participants.  So . . .

Second question.  If you know of Puget Sound, Hood Canal, Admiralty  
Inlet, Padilla Bay, Lake Washington, etc., sites, would you please  
post them publicly on Tweeters?  Could you include driving directions  
to where one might observe the site?  Many thanks.

Carol Riddell

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