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Mon Feb 27 19:18:19 PST 2006

Feb 27 '06

I just got down through my back messages, and the one from Feb 23d caught my eye.

I am not on the local "grape vine(s)" alerting each other about the latest rarities. I get most of my intelligence info from Whatcombirds" (WWU) listserve. Therefore I didn't know about this particular Clark's Nutcracker sighting along Sehome Hill. "Sehome Village" is the current name for the renovated shopping center that was once known as the Bellingham Mall, back before the present big mall was built at the other end of town. The WWU Apartment-type dormitories nestled along the edge of the arboretum on Sehome Hill must be a "birdy"student's paradise! There are other appartments on the other side of the rroad.

That shopping center sits on what used to be a small lake and marsh, before it was filled in and paved overr!

There are sparse records of Clark's Nutcracker sightings around Bellinghham given in Terry Wahl's book: "Birds of Whatcom County"(1995), usually during the winter months. As for me, I haven't been able to check that species off on my Whatcom County list.

Phil Hotlen
Bellingham, WA

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