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Aaron Martin aamartin at gmail.com
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Directions to the Shilshole/Golden Gardens site. This is a tiny beach
that is well hidden, thus I spent a lot of time here without seeing
another person except the condo owners on their balconies. This is a
great spot.

Aaron Martin
Seattle, WA

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Date: Apr 24, 2005 9:41 PM
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Hi Aaron,

The martin colony in Ballard has been active since 1996, and is south
of Shilshole Marina and north of Anthony's Homeport restaurant. It's a
public access beach directly behind the West Marine store and the
Ballard Elks Club, with adjacent condos at 6321 Seaview Ave. You can
park on Seaview and walk in, or drive behind the West Marine store
along the north wall and park in the small lot. It's a small sandy
beach, great for sunsets. At low tide you can walk right up to the
pilings, and you may spot an eagle's nest to the south up on the
bluff. It's a good spot to launch small boats or kayaks. I plugged
nearly all the boxes due to house sparrow problems, but the gourds
have been great; no sparrows or starlings seem to like them. Eleven
pairs of martins nested there last year, a record for the site. I
suggest visiting at dawn or dusk for your best chances of spotting

Kevin Li

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