[Tweeters] swan sighting request

Martha Jordan swanlady at drizzle.com
Tue Feb 28 12:29:35 PST 2006

   Swans are beginning to move around, getting ready for the final push 
north.  I have received reports of red collared swans in Quilcene.  Last 
year birds from Whatcom County moved down to Chimacum/Quilcene area for 
several weeks prior to the spring migration.  If any of you are out birding 
and see red collars on swans outside of Whatcom or Skagit counties PLEASE 
let me know.  Try to get the collar code if at all possible.   The codes 
will be #F#  or F## or M##     The 9 is stylized to look like a y with a top 
on it.
Also, black collars on Tundras -- let me know if you see these birds 
anywhere.  Their codes will be YA#, YC# or EA#.
We know that 6F4 is now in the Quilcine Bay area.  Did anyone see this bird 
over there prior to mid-February?

Martha Jordan

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