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I took a SAS class out owling this past Sunday, and will take another group
out this weekend (and next).

My ten years of experience says that you can hardly go wrong in February. I
have found that the cold, clear, windless nights are best. Sound also seems
to travel further, and my detection range is increased. Wind and
precipitation seem to dampen responses, especially from the small owls.

GHOW (Great Horned Owl) are on eggs now, NSWO (Northern Saw-whet) and BDOW
(Barred Owl) within the next three weeks, and WESO (Western Screech-owl) in
early April. 'Tis the season of the owl.


J. Acker

Bainbridge Island, Washington

owler at sounddsl.com


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This is for all you owlers out there. Are cold nights good or bad for
owling? With the recent temps down in the 20s, I was just wondering if its
a good idea to go out in the cold this weekend.


Tim O'Brien

Elma, WA

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